Represent your business the right way! Centralize all employees work profiles with just a few clicks.

Advantage Of Witap Corporate

Team Dynamic

Use our powerful admin dashboard to manage all employees business cards. Create virtual department groupings for a more in-depth, neater workflow and control what info can be shared on the business card.


Activate, Deactivate and Reassign card to any employee from the admin panel. No need to replace as staff members come and go. One Witap card, interchangeable employee, it’s that simple.


Corporate cards comes with the company’s design and logo, as well as an elegant admin dashboard to manage all employee cards and department directory. Witap can elevate your brand with more visibility and accessibility.

How it Works

  • Buy a corporate pack: Order cards for teams of any size. After purchase, customize with your business logo or brand.
  • Employees’ profiles: Set up your staff’s departments and cards with the info you’ll like their profiles to display to the public.
  • Edit with a tap: Update information to profiles at any moment from the admin panel. Manage teams from your laptop or phone.