WitapCare Terms and Conditions

This guidelines shall apply to WITAP branded products purchased from our official store on https://witap.me.

Warranty shall be valid for 10 year period for each Witap Card product. Should any Product fail to perform in accordance to its functions, Witap Tapnology Sdn Bhd (“Company”) will provide replacement a maximum of two(2) cards subject to the terms and conditions as follows:

WitapCare Terms and Conditions
  • If the said item failed to function as per its specifications, the Company at its option can offer replacement of the Product.
  • If the product has been reported as lost or stolen.
  • If the product has print or ink fading issues.
  • If the product has NFC (Near Field Communication) chip issue where it cannot read the information stored excluding LED.
  • Any alterations and repair done by another party other than Company’s technicians shall void the warranty.
  • All Products with functionality complaints are subject to assessment of the Company's authorized representative.
  • Replacement shall only apply when Product is proven defective.
  • No replacement shall be claimed without proof of purchase from the Purchaser.
  • Replacement of Product purchased due to change of mind is not allowed. Only defective products purchased can be replaced.
  • Replacement will be an exact replica of the original card purchased. No design or colour changes are allowed.
Warranty Claims Procedure
  • Login to your Witap Dashboard and click on the Support page. Send a message to our representative with the following information:
    • Details of purchased product
    • Details of product defect (For Lost card, please set the card as Lost on your dashboard first)
    • Video and picture of product defect
  • products for replacement, the customer will shoulder standard shipping fee which will be communicated by our representative.