Capture every opportunity! Share your business information with any smart phone, anytime, anywhere.

Advantage Of Witap NFC Card

Why Witap?

Witap’s multifaceted design can be used for multiple profiles. Easily switch between your businesses; Witap card is all you need.

Instant Sharing

Swiftly exchange your business contacts by tapping phone or scan QR code.

Cost Effective

Gone are the days of 100-card packs. Save money; buy 1 Witap card and share your businesses endlessly.

Smart Contact Management

Our straightforward dashboard makes changes effortless. Edit anytime, anywhere!

Custom Design Card

Tailor design your Witap card to fit your business for free; it's our treat!

No app required

Universal web-link system works with any smartphone. No app needed.

Contactless and Safe

Witap cards are completely touch-free; no physical exchange is required and it diminishes germ exposure.

Paper Free

Durable and reusable, our Witap cards are made to be eco-friendly. Lessen the deforestation effect; choose to go ‘Green’ with us.

Our Comparison

Witap NFC Card Other NFC Card Paper Card
Environmental Friendly
One card is all you print
Cost Effective
Centralised information
Unlimited Info Update
Add Social Media Account
Add External Link
Save Contact
Share Contact
Exchange Contact & Management
Image Gallery
Lost Card Management
Waze & Google Map Integration
Free Analytics
Verification System
Non-fungible Token (NFT)
Free Custom Print Card
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How it Works

Buy Witap Card:

Once the purchase is made, we will print your card with any logo you provide us if applicable.

Create your profile:

Follow our guide on how to set up your profile. Edit the information you share at any given time.

Connect with a tap:

Your business card is ready for sharing! Contactless and germ-free, just tap or scan on any phone.

Our Top Cards

Trusted By The Best

We thank our wonderful customers for their trust and confidence in our contactless business card solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Witap Cards use NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR technology to share Witap Profile with people you meet.

Yes, Witap card is compatible with majority of smartphones. There are two ways you can share your profile:

A. Using NFC (near field communication) just like your bank card. Once an active NFC card is presented to an NFC compatible device, a prompt will display on screen, once the prompt is followed your digital business card will display.

B. QR codes. Qr codes are very commonly used and allows us to ensure that every device can read your business card even if the device does not have NFC capabilities. Any device with a camera can read the QR code to trigger the prompt to open your digital business card.

No. There is no need for you to download an app.

Yes, we offer bespoke services for our clients, we can help you with any design work for your cards, all we request is your logo and colour scheme. Our design team will do the rest.

Yes, we offer 15% commission for a successful referral. You need to be a Witap client to receive this referral code.

  • Your Name
  • About you
  • Company Name
  • Job Title
  • Business address
  • Business email
  • Mobile number
  • Business Bio
  • Website
  • Social : Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tiktok, etc.
  • And much more.

Data security is our utmost priority and will be handled at the highest level. Your data is secured on a certified cloud provider who has a stable network of infrastructure.

Your Witap Profile comes with a “Save Contact” button which allows users to save your contact information directly to their phones.

Your Witap Profile comes with an “Exchange Contact” button which allows users to exchange their contact information that will be sent to you.

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